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The School of Economics and Finance is able to offer excellent facilities and resources to enhance our students' learning experience.

IT Resources

We provide access to the latest banking and financial industry software and subscribe to the major statistical databases and software packages, used by economists in finance or in government.

Software and Trading Room

  • Real Time Data/Trading Software: Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is one of the few UK universities to offer training and access to Bloomberg trading terminals (in our designated trading room) as well as Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation (TWS) and FXCM FX Trading Station.
  • Students have access to 22 Bloomberg terminals that give students the possibility to access, monitor and analyse real-time financial market data and place trades on the Bloomberg trading platform. The system also provides news, price quotes and messaging services. Bloomberg is one of the largest provider of economic and financial data that is widely used in the finance industry. Training on the use of the terminals is provided by the School and access to the Bloomberg Trading Room gives students an unrivalled opportunity of acquiring skills that will be invaluable in the labour market.
  • Time Series Data Software: A full range of economic and financial data is available through DataStream, Macrobond and the WRDS platform (including Bankscope and CRSP).
  • Statistical Analysis Software: A wide range of Econometric software including Eviews, Stata, Matlab, Gauss etc.

Computers Rooms

  • Two computers labs with 70 PCs and designated printers.


Student Support

The School provides academic and pastoral support to all students.

From year 1 all students are allocated an academic adviser who is available during the academic year to provide any academic and pastoral advice that the advisees might need. Students keep the same adviser for the three years of study and will be able to meet during scheduled office hours or by appointment. Your academic adviser will also be available to write reference letters for employers or for further studies.

In addition to academic advisers, the School has a “Senior Tutor” to support undergraduates during their studies. The Senior Tutor supervises and coordinates the advice system and provides additional support to the academic advisers. The Senior Tutor also acts as a second port of call if the academic adviser is unavailable or unable to address the issue raised by the advisee.

Further support for the student is provided by the Student Support Officer (SSO) who is an admin member of staff available to help students with general administrative queries. The SSO works closely with the Senior Tutor and the Academic Adviser to make sure that students can be supported in the best possible ways.


We are the only university in central London offering a completely self-contained campus at our Mile End home. Students are able to live in award winning accommodation in our Student Village, whilst benefiting from the friendly campus atmosphere, close proximity to lectures, as well as the excitement of London life.

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