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All of our undergraduate degree courses are run on a modular system, which offers flexibility and means you benefit from being able to follow your interest in your choice of modules.

You will be assigned a supervisor upon starting your degree, who will be able to advise you on your choice of modules. Modules are taught in a three-hour block format. The first two hours deliver the core theoretical and technical concepts; these are then applied in the remaining hour which is spent in a classroom.

Modules by degree year 2016/2017

First year modules – Level 4

SemesterModule nameModule code
AWorld EconomyECN102
Spreadsheets and Data in Economics (SADIE)ECN112
Principles of EconomicsECN113
Mathematical Methods in Economics and Business 1 (MMEB 1)ECN114
BMacroeconomics 1ECN106
Microeconomics 1ECN111
Elements of AccountingECN120
Statistical Methods in EconomicsECN121
Mathematical Methods in Economics and Business 2 (MMEB 2)ECN124

Second year modules – Level 5

SemesterModule nameModule code
AMacroeconomics 2ECN206
Games and StrategiesECN214
Financial Markets and Institutions (FMI)ECN222
Econometrics 1ECN224
Economics of Social IssuesECN231
History of Economic ThoughtECN232
BMoney and BankingECN205
International FinanceECN209
Microeconomics 2ECN211
Selected Topics in MacroeconomicsECN223
Econometrics 2ECN225
Capital Markets 1ECN226

Third year modules – Level 6

SemesterModule nameModule code
ACorporate StrategyECN302
Topics in EconometricsECN322
Economics Project 1ECN326
Environmental EconomicsECN351
Macroeconomic PolicyECN355
Advanced MicroeconomicsECN361
Health EconomicsECN369
Development EconomicsECN370
Corporate Finance 1ECN371
BEconomics Project 1ECN326
Applied EconometricsECN336
Economics of InnovationECN344
Business CyclesECN346
Public EconomicsECN352
Labour EconomicsECN356
Futures and OptionsECN358
Corporate Finance 2ECN372
Behavioural EconomicsECN374
Political EconomyECN375
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