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  • Amarante V., Manacorda M., Miguel E., Vigorito A. "Do Cash Transfers Improve Birth Outcomes? Evidence from Matched Vital Statistics, Social Security and Program Data" American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. (forthcoming)
  • Axbard S. "Income Opportunities and Sea Piracy in Indonesia: Evidence from satellite Data" American Economic Journal: Applied. (forthcoming)
  • Azmat G., Calsamiglia C., Iriberri  N. "Gender Differences in Response to Big Stakes" Journal of the European Economic Association. (forthcoming)
  • Azmat G. "Gender Gaps in Performance: Evidence from Young Lawyers" Journal of Political Economy. (forthcoming)
  • Bailey N., Holly S., Pesaran M.H. (2016) "A Two Stage Approach to Spatio-temporal Analysis with Strong and Weak Cross-sectional Dependence" Journal of Applied Econometrics.
  • Bouton L., Castanheira, M. Llorente-Saguer A. "Multicandidate Elections: Aggregate Uncertainty in the Laboratory" Games and Economic Behaviour. (forthcoming)
  • Bouton, L., Castanheira, M. Llorente-Saguer A. (2016) "Divided Majority and Information Aggregation: Theory and Experiment" Journal of Public Economics.
  • Bouton L., Llorente-Saguer A., Malherbe F. "Get Rid of Unanimity: The Superiority of Majority Rules with Veto Power" Journal of Political Economy. (forthcoming)
  • Caselli F., Tesei A. (2016) "Resource Windfalls, Political Regimes, and Political Stability" The Review of Economics and Statistics.
  • Fasani F., Dustmann C., Speciale B. "Illegal migration and consumption behavior of immigrant households" Journal of the European Economic Association. (forthcoming)
  • Faccini R., Mumtaz H., Surico P. (2016) "International Fiscal Spillovers" Journal of International Economics.
  • Giraitis L., Kapetanios G., Wetherilt A., Zikes F. (2016) "Estimating the dynamics and persistence of financial networks, with an application to the sterling money market" Journal of Applied Econometrics.
  • Gourier E., Filipovic D., Mancini L. (2016) "Quadratic Variance Swap Models" Journal of Financial Economics.
  • Kapetanios G., Khalaf L., Marcellino  M. "Factor based identification-robust inference in IV regressions" Journal of Applied Econometrics. (forthcoming)
  • Kydland F., Rupert P., Šustek R. "Housing Dynamics over the Business Cycle" International Economic Review. (forthcoming)
  • Levin D., Peck J., Ivanov A. "Separating Bayesian Updating from Non-Probabilistic Reasoning: An Experimental Investigation" American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. (forthcoming)
  • Manacorda M., Koppensteiner M. (2016) "Violence and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from Homicides in Brazil" Journal of Development Economics.
  • Mariotti M., Manzini P. "Competing for Attention: Is the Showiest also the Best?" Economic Journal. (forthcoming)
  • Tyson C., Manzini P., Mariotti M. "Partial Knowledge Restrictions on the Two-Stage Threshold Model of Choice" Journal of Mathematical Economics. (forthcoming)
  • Veneziani R., Lombardi M., Miyagishima K. "Liberal Egalitarianism and the Harm Principle" The Economic Journal. (forthcoming)
  • Weale M., Wieladek T. "What are the macroeconomic effects of asset purchases?" Journal of Monetary Economics. (forthcoming)
  • Zachariadis K. "Ties that Bind: How Business Connections Affect Mutual Fund Activism" Journal of Finance. (forthcoming)







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