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MSc Economics / MSc Finance and Econometrics

The 2016-17 first semester commences in the week beginning Monday 19th September 2016 for students joining MSc Economics and MSc Finance and Econometrics programmes.

MSc Mathematical Finance students please refer to your induction timetable here.

On Monday 19th September there will be an introductory talk from the Research and Joint Programme Manager, Nick Owen, from 12-1pm in David Sizer LT, Bancroft Building. The talk will cover information regarding the pre-sessional programme, module registration, the School handbook and facilities available to students. Lunch will be provided.

Pre-sessional Maths and Statistic classes begin on Tuesday 20th September (see schedule below). There is no examination at the end of this period, however students are expected to attend, as it will provide valuable background to the programme of study.

The enrolment period will take place on Wednesday 21st September from 3:30pm – 5:30pm in the Octagon, Queens’ Building. Please remember to pre-enrol, and refer to enrolment guidelines available on the University website.  Remember to bring all necessary documents for enrolment, for full details on the enrolment process please visit the University’s induction webpage.

On the afternoon of Friday 23rd September there will be a Programme Welcome talk, where your programme director and module organisers will introduce themselves and discuss the structure of the course.  It is important that you attend this session, it takes place from 2pm– 3pm (please see the table below for details).

The International Student Welcome Programme is run centrally by Queen Mary in Week 0. A full schedule can be found at the above link in due course.

Directions to the campus and a map are available here.

Timetable of Induction and Pre-sessional Classes

Monday 19th Sept 12:00–13:00
  • Welcome from the Research & Joint Programme Manager – Nick Owen
  • Student Support - Stanley Babukutty
  • Library - Anthea Chou
  • Careers - Cathy Balfe & Nicola Pursue-King
David Sizer LT, Bancroft Building
Tuesday 20th Sept 12.00–15.00 Pre-sessional Class 1 - Calculus David Sizer LT, Bancroft Building
Wednesday 21st Sept 10.00-11.00 Careers talk (1 of 3) Skeel LT, Peoples Palace
15.30-17.30 Enrolment The Octagon,
Queens' Building
Thursday 22nd Sept 10.00-13.00 Pre-sessional Class 2 - Matrix Algebra (1 of 2) David Sizer LT, Bancroft Building
13.00-14.00 Careers talk (2 of 3) Skeel LT, Peoples Palace
Friday 23rd Sept 10.00-13.00 Pre-sessional Class 3 - Matrix Algebra (2 of 2) David Sizer LT, Bancroft Building
14.00-15.00 MSc Programme Welcome Talk David Sizer LT, Bancroft Building
17.15-19.00 SEF MSc Social Event 1.13, Bancroft Building


Monday 26th Sept 09.00–10.00 Careers talk (3 of 3) Arts Lecture Theatre, Arts One
Tuesday 27th Sept 09.00–12.00 Pre-sessional Class 4 - Statistics (1 of 2) 3.24, Engineering
Wednesday 28th Sept 10.00-11.00 Excel classes (1 of 3) 1.15a, Bancroft Building
14.00-16.00 Pre-sessional Class 5 - Statistics (2 of 2), Hamiltonians 2.40, Bancroft Building
Thursday 29th Sept 10.00-12.00 Excel classes (2 of 3) 1.15a, Bancroft Building
14.00-16.00 Pre-sessional Class 6 - Hamiltonians (2 of 2) 3.24, Engineering
Friday 30th Sept 10.00–12.00 Excel classes (3 of 3) 1.23, Bancroft Building

Pre-sessional Syllabi

Pre-sessional 1: Calculus
The difference quotient
Increasing and decreasing functions
2nd and 3rd derivative
Points of inflection
Economic applications

Pre-sessional 2: Matrix Algebra
Idempotent matrix
Rank of a matrix
Determinant of a matrix
Characteristic vector
Diagonalisation and spectral decomposition
Trace of a matrix

Pre-sessional 3: Statistics
Probability and Distribution theory
Random variables
Cumulative distribution function
Descriptive Statistics
Probability distribution

Pre-sessional 4: Hamiltonians

Pre-sessional reference materials:

G. Renshaw, Maths for Economics, Oxford (2012).
William H. Greene, Econometric Analysis, Pearson Higher Ed, 2011
Appendices A and B.
Dixit, Avinash K. 1990. Optimization in Economic Theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2 ed.

Pre-sessional classes will be taught by Dr. Leon Vinokur (

Module Registration

Students should chose their optional modules via MySIS, further information will be given at the introductory talk on Monday 19th September. Module selection can be a complicated process due to the variety of options available and the rules governing the general programme structure. Choices will then be approved by your academic advisor. You can find a description of optional modules online.

Semester A Modules

MSc modules in the School of Economics and Finance (SEF) begin from Monday 3rd October 2016 (Week 2). The teaching timetable 2016-17 will be made available to you following enrolment in induction week.  An electronic version of the timetable will be available to you through QMplus in the MyTimetable application once the module registration process is complete.


SEF’s dedicated Career Consultant, will run a session to let you know about the special events, workshops, help and support available for your career planning. These sessions are included in the pre sessional timetable.


There are special Microsoft Excel sessions that will be conducted. These sessions will give you some insight of how to use macro and formulae for academic purpose. However due to limited space these will run as first come first serve basis. Initial session will run in the morning and repeat session post lunch period. See pre sessional timetable. Below for date and time.

Library Tours

From the beginning of term the Library will be running a three-week programme of tours and drop-in sessions. The tours are an opportunity to find out more about the wide variety of resources available as well as the different types of study spaces that you can use.

The Mile End Library tours will run every 30 minutes. There is no need to sign up, just meet staff in the Help Zone to join in.

Library tours will be running from Saturday 19th September – Friday 2nd October between 9 -5. Tours run every half an hour, on the hour and at half past the hour. 

For more information on the library and its services please see the following link:

Semester Dates

Semester A
Week 0 and 1 Students have pre-sessionals (W/C 19th September)
Week 2 – Teaching begins (W/C 3rd October)
Week 7 reading week – no teaching (W/C 7th November)
Week 12 – Final week (W/C 12TH December)

Semester B
Week 1 Introductory lectures (W/C 9th January)
Week 2 first full lecture (W/C 16th January)
Week 7 Reading week – no teaching (W/C 20th February)
Week 12 Final week (W/C 27th March)

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the School:

Nick Owen
Research and Joint Programme Manager
T: 020 7882 7298

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